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     Well , not exactly a road trip , since it was actually by train . Started out looking at ways to get down to Florida for some sunshine , decided on a nice relaxing train trip , looked at prices and options and then committed to a 30 day North American Rail Pass .

This girl kept trying to sell us beer . We always said no , of course .

    No , we're not in Florida . This is Jasper , Alberta , Canada , and it has got to be one of the most beautiful places on earth . Winter is a great time to be here , far from the maddening crowds and still lot's to do and see . One of the best things about being here now is the opportunity to talk to the locals . Unique , friendly people who are enjoying the calm before the storm ... the busy spring/summer/fall tourist season .

The sun was shining on a layer of fresh snow during this awesome train trip .

     This 500 kilometer return trip from Prince George , British Columbia was truly a once-in-a-lifetime rail journey . I told the attendant in the Observation car that I planned on getting some sleep , since I had almost none on the trip from Toronto , but once the sun started to come up and the blue sky appeared it became apparent that today was going to be a most beautiful day .

Imagine living in a gorgeous little town like McBride , Alberta ?

     I was the only passenger . Seriously ! Except for one stop to give a group of rail workers a short ride , and one elderly gentleman who never bothered to sit down , I had the train to myself . So nice to be able to just sit and take all this incredible beauty in without distractions of any kind . Sort of wished there were others there when a giant eagle flew directly over the glass dome of the observation car , flying right along with us as we slowed for an approaching freight train . I shouted out anyway ...

Time to leave this amazing little town

     I've never journeyed on a smoother , quieter train in all my life , and I have traveled enough by rail to know . The attendants were about as professional as they come . Knowledgeable enough to allow you to enjoy in your own manner , but right there if you had any questions or concerns . It simply doesn't get any better than that .

Not a tripod shot but taken from a smooth moving glass domed Observation Car

Sun is low as this incredible trip approach's it's end

    Hope you enjoyed some of these photo's . Planning on having a DV camera for the next trip . So much to see and truth be known , the best pictures are the one's that got away . Cheers !  (SEE LINKS BELOW)